Recommended: White chocolate, raspberry and coconut gateau


For my daughter’s fifteenth birthday I wanted to try something different. She’d wished for a cake with raspberry flavour, so I had to look for something creative involving raspberries in some way.

I came across a stunner of a cake on Sainsbury’s Magazine that had vertical layers, which was something I’d definitely not tried before.

Using freeze-dried raspberries was also a new thing for me (they’re very convenient – enough so that I really wish they weren’t as expensive to buy). The frosting was, as usual, too sweet for the rest of the family but surprisingly similar to that creamy core of a Rafaello that I so adore.

Recreating the recipe was fairly easy, even if the cake layers broke upon rolling. It stopped being a worry as soon as it was all rolled up and showing no signs of the breaks anymore.


I’m looking forward to using this cake as a basis for quite a lot new baking adventures as it can easily be adapted to use other fruit and combinations.


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